SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC
  7111 W 151st Street   Suite 292
     ​​Overland Park, KS 66223

SECURITY:  While we need to be more cautious and vigilant than any other time in history, we also must assure that we are responding to the most likely threats with the most practical and reasonable precautions. Decisions cannot be driven by fear. SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC will conduct a security survey and assure that the appropriate protective measures, policies and procedures are in place. 

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING & DUE DILIGENCE: Your greatest security challenges are internal. Know who you are hiring or with whom you are doing business.  Record checks, verifications, drug screening.

INVESTIGATIONS: Sometimes, business' internal problems need to remain internal. SPIRIT will conduct a discreet investigation. There are times when you will need to interface with law enforcement.  Law enforcement has requirements and processes that you may not understand or may appear to be contrary to your best interests. Let SPIRIT bridge that culture gap and resolve any issues which you may be confronting.

RISK MANAGEMENT allows you to minimize the chance of events occurring which could cause your company loss, damage or liability. Through a thorough risk assessment, we will identify potential risk factors and recommend corrective actions.  We assist in the development of policies and procedures and designing processes that will manage risk throughout your organization. 

INTERNAL AUDIT AND CONTROLS: Utilizing principles learned from the FBI and CIA, SPIRIT will assess internal controls to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce and uncover employee theft and misconduct, ensure compliance with rules and regulations and allow for a more effective audit trail.  Ask about our Inspection process.  Remember: Trust but verify.

TRAINING will help you minimize risk and protect assets. SPIRIT has speakers who present on workplace violence, business risk, fraud and personal security.  Police School for Business People is a one hour presentation based on the book written by CEO Michael Tabman. Customized training to meet your needs.